CBC Schemes

The Chartered Building Company and Consultancy Schemes (CBCs) are a vital part of the CIOB, the industry's leading Professional Institution for construction management. Whilst individual CIOB membership reflects the individual member's professional knowledge and experience , the CBC schemes take the Institute's membership into a business perspective.

Current thinking and initiative in the construction industry encourages the highest standards of quality. An organisation of any size , be it a construction company or consultancy, should demonstrate that it manages its operations efficiently, employing and managing competent, trained staff and sub-contractors. These organisations will comply with industry and safety regulations and 'Best Practice' and, above all, deliver a first class service to their customers.

CBCs aim to offer such excellence. Their status cannot be bought. Rigorous qualification requirements are in place for their executive directors or partners, who are expected to see to the continuous development of their staff at all levels.

Chartered Building Company

The Chartered Building Company scheme was set up to allow you, as a client or customer, to recognise a professional construction organisation.

Employing a Chartered Building Company will see your project completed to a high standard, with professionalism, speed and efficiency. All CBCs are required to sign up to and abide by a Code of Professional Conduct.

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Chartered Building Consultancy

The Chartered Building Consultancy scheme consists of respected and responsible consultancies, managed by professionally qualified and well-trained staff, that offer an expert and economic service. All CBCs sign a Code of Professional Conduct, and this must be adhered to.

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