About the Chartered Building Company Scheme

Why should I join?

Chartered Building Company status identifies those businesses that are committed to quality of service, integrity of conduct and concern for clients' needs.

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How do I join?

Membership of the Scheme is not just open to anybody. In order to join, a company must qualify by meeting certain criteria.

The overriding requirement of the scheme is for a proportion of the company's Executive Board to be professionally qualified. Only businesses that are led by Chartered professionals can become Chartered Building Companies.

Furthermore, there are requirements for staff elsewhere in the organisation to be appropriately qualified, so that the people most likely to be working on operational projects are trained and competent. Scheme members also have to operate to a tight Code of Conduct, see download below.

PDF icon Chartered Building Company Code of Conduct 1.3Mb

In addition to these robust criteria , a formal conciliation service is in place should any problems arise.

Qualification Criteria

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Subscriptions to the Scheme are based on a company's average annual turnover over the previous three years and are divided into five bands.

In addition to the annual subscription, which is subsequently due on the company's anniversary of joining, there is an initial enrolment fee of £160 for new applicants.

Company turnover

Annual subscription

Enrolment fee

Total for new applicants

Under £1million




£1 - £5 million




£5 - £25 million




£25 - £50 million




Over £50 million




VAT at the current rate must be applied to the final totals.

Benefits to the Client

For clients , membership of the Scheme becomes instantly synonymous with professionalism, leadership and a commitment to excellent performance. Employing a Chartered Building Company is an assurance that you will be working with recognised professionals.

The Chartered Building Company Scheme is growing all the time. To find out if there is a member near you, go to ' Find a Company '.

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