The Benefits of Chartered Building Company Membership

Being a member of a CBC Scheme increasingly sets your company apart as being competent and professionally managed.

•  The term 'Chartered Building Company' is starting to be rightly acknowledged. Use of this along with the respected logo next to your company name cannot just be bought.

•  CBC Members are strongly encouraged to put the logo on their sites and stationary and to take every opportunity to promote themselves in correspondence and marketing material by stating:

"We are a Chartered Building Company , which means that:

  1. We are controlled by professionally qualified directors who are committed to high standards of quality and customer service;
  2. We operate to a strict Code of Conduct governed by CIOB ;
  3. All of our staff have been trained to recognised industry standards ;
  4. All staff and operatives hold Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) accreditation appropriate to their role.

This means that you, our customer, have peace of mind and can be sure of a first class service every time."

•  We are marketing the Schemes to construction client organisations at all levels , and awareness of the Schemes will be continually widened.

•  The CBC Schemes' chairman and manager have an ongoing, rolling programme of meetings with relevant and influential industry figures, including senior DTI personnel and heads of client organisations .

•  A programme of free regional CBC events continues. As well as an opportunity to speak to the CBC team and have your say on the future of the Schemes, there are relevant presentations on marketing, business management, current issues in the industry, and how to use CBC membership to the full. We invite all CBC members, wherever they are around the country, to all meetings as they may work country wide, have regional offices, or perhaps want to network with CBC contractors or consultants in other areas. A buffet meal and tea and coffee are provided at all meetings.

•  With membership of both Schemes growing, we are promoting networking between the Schemes. If, for instance, you are a contractor somewhere looking for a consultant, what could be more suitable than an association with a business that signs up to the same code of conduct?

•  Members have their own page on the CBC web site. There you can choose your own web address for promotional purposes, while your Company's details will be added to our database of Scheme members for site users to search. You can include your company logo, and a link can be created to your in-house web site.

•  The CIOB Training Partnership Scheme is free of charge to CBCs. By entering a Training Partnership your firm can have the training needs of all management and technical staff assessed. Individual and company aspirations are examined and appropriate training is recommended and, in some cases, arranged.

•  Members enjoy a 10% discount from Hays Montrose on their recruitment needs for permanent placements.

•  Members have access to a formal conciliation procedure conducted by an experienced professional.

•  There is a discount (usually 10%) on Constructionline membership. Contact the CBC office for full details.

•  An arrangement with Yellow Pages in all UK areas means that you can, for example, put your basic Company or Consultancy details into a CBC 'box' ( there is a box for both schemes ) for approximately £145. The normal price for your own Yellow Pages 'box' would be at least £700.

•  The CBC magazine 'Update' (sent free to members on a regular basis) will include relevant, informative articles for Members and the industry, and carry Members' news and activities.

•  The CIOB's Library and Information Service is extended to CBC Members to enable their whole staff or a whole team to use.

•  The Schemes are members of M4I, allowing CBC Companies to attend local 'Cluster Meetings' without actually being members themselves.

•  The CBC office, staffed by Jess Deacon and Clare Donnelly, is always available in office hours (or leave a message and we'll get straight back to you). We can provide information on any of the above, and are also happy to help with other related issues.

•  There is a new , wide range of quality merchandise now in stock, click here to view . Members can purchase this material and use it to market and promote themselves and their Scheme involvement.

•  A CBC arrangement with Barbour Index allows membership of their information service. This starts with calling them on 0800 092 4448 (free), and giving your company/consultancy name, CBC status and location . You will then be given a unique membership number for subsequent calls.

Self-promotional brochure material is now available for both companies and consultancies as part of a new range of free member benefits. This comprises quality CBC stationery items that can be used for, for example, client estimates, portraying what CBC membership means, and that you are a member.