CBC - International

As the CIOB develops internationally by including extra members in more and more countries, we confidently expect that active, local Chartered Building Company/Consultancy regimes will emerge.

The CBC board and management at head office will work with CIOB staff and members around the world as opportunities allow. The basic principles of a business qualifying, the consequent use of the CBC logo and other CBC responsibilities will remain unchanged.

The following are fully paid international members of the CBC:

Companies Consultancies
AMB Building (United Arab Emirates)

Zenecon Pte Ltd Singapore (Singapore)

Fowler Construction Ltd (Republic of Ireland)

J.W.Rihoy & Son Ltd (Channel Islands)

Nanjing Chixia Development Co Ltd (China)

Building Knowledge (Australia)

SGA Property Consultancy Pty Australia (Australia)

Page Kirkland Group (Australia)

M J Morrissey & Associates (Republic of Ireland)

Colum P Murphy & Co (Republic of Ireland)

S.G. Prescott & Co (Gibraltar)

DBR Blackburn Consulting (Seychelles)

Carroll Murphy & Partners (Republic of Ireland)

John Fitzsimons (Republic of Ireland)

F E Perri & Associates (Republic of Ireland)

Chongqing Ding & Ding International Construction

Rauf Almannai (Bahrain)

NS: Mercer & Bailey (Channel Islands)

O'Brien Associate`s (Republic of Ireland)

Polish British Construction Partnership, Sp. Z O.O

We welcome all international enquiries - call the CBC team on (44) 1344 630743.